Member Benefits

Government Representation The WVHBA is constantly representing the needs of the building industry before local politicians and government leaders. The Oregon Building Industry and the National Association of Home Builders sponsor and work for legislation benefiting the building community state and nationwide.

Special Insurance Programs - Medical, dental, liability, workers’ compensation, bond, property and casualty.

OHBA Health Insurance

Seminars and Continuing Education - Stay on top of constant changes and developments within the industry. Continuing Education classes help you to maintain the required CE, as required by the CCB.

   Home Builders University                Home Builders University

NOTE:    Contact Jerry at WVHBA office (541) 928-5159  to get signed up for FREE MEMBER education!!!                 

Be sure to check your continuing education requirements, then check our calendar for available classes in the Linn, Benton and Lincoln County areas! Online classes that fulfill elective and core credit hours are available at the Homebuilders University.

National Publications - Members are eligible to receive Builder Magazine every month

Current Building Permit Lists - Helps keep you up to date and informed.

Membership Directory - Puts your company name in front of the WVHBA membership as well as the local community.

Credibility - WVHBA, OHBA, and NAHB membership is recognized as a sign of industry professionalism.

Increase Business Contacts - WVHBA membership provides the opportunity for you to make numerous business contacts through professional meetings and social opportunities.

State and National Members-Only Benefits - To view the most current and up-to-date members-only benefits, visit:
National Association of Home Builders        Oregon Home Builders Association

Why Should I Join?  (See Testimony from one of our Members below)

Businesses participate in trade and professional associations because they can accomplish more collectively than they can individually. Associations help members solve mutual problems, channel resources, exchange information, develop leadership, promote the industry or profession as a whole, guard against adverse outside influences, and benefit from fulltime consultants without additional payroll.

They do all these things at little or no cost with the utmost efficiency for both large and small firms. In short, they help themselves.

That’s why businesses participate in associations. . . . it’s a sound investment!



TnT Builders joined the Willamette Valley HBA in 2010 with little or no actual knowledge of what our membership would provide.  At the time we just felt like it was the responsible thing to be affiliated with the local chapter.  Since then we've benefited from some of the educational opportunities available to both members and non-members. Some of these classes were taken in order to stay abreast of changes in Oregon contractor licensing requirements and many times we were only aware of those changes as a result of notification from WVHBA.  That same information doesn't always get to us directly from the CCB for some reason.  From that standpoint alone our membership has had a distinct value to us, not that I could put a dollar figure on that value. However, because of the additional membership advantages available to us I can show that we've actually made more money from our membership than it costs!  Check this out:

  • We've taken advantage of the Verizon corporate discount for a monthly savings of $30.80 - annual savings $369.60.
  • We've also enrolled in the OHBA member rebate program and have filed rebates for materials purchased.  In Q2 2011 our rebate was $310, Q3'11 our rebate was $115, Q4'11 our rebate was $90 = total savings $515.
  • Overall our membership has netted us $884.60 in savings.
  • Our membership in 2011 cost $500 so we've made $384.60 as a result of being members of WVHBA!

             (2012 update for OHBA member rebate program: Q1'12 rebate was $61, Q2'12

                 was $61,  Q3'12 was $81, and Q4'12 was $112.)

  • This does not include our SAIF discount. If your business qualifies, it can save up to 8% discount for new & renewing policies after 7/1/13. It can be enough to pay your WVHBA dues, by itself!! Please check it out and see what it can save you. 

In plain dollars and cents our membership pays for itself,  and that doesn't even begin to account for the wealth of information and networking opportunities that are open to us.  Just thought you'd be interested to see how it's working for us. Trish Irwin, TnT Builders Inc. Deck & Patio Cover Experts

Our Members are the reason we exist! 


Please check out our WVHBA on-line membership directory! You are able to search for a Builder or Associate by: Name of Business, Individual Name, City, or Type of Business. Now, you can also click on their website link from the search page. Once you click on a Business you are able to view more information, if it has been added. If you are are a member of our WVHBA, and are interested in advertising on-line, please call Jerry at 541-928-5159 or email