SAVE MONEY!! HBA Rebate Program for Builders/Remodelers!!

All Builder & Remodeler HBA Members need to be using this Rebate Program. Like getting free money for products that you are already using! Go to: (see more info below) and check it out. You don't need receipts. Let me know if I can help you get started! - Jerry

INFORMATIVE WEBSITE The Member Rebate Program has a website that was created as a “main source” of information on this member benefit.

The website includes:

  • Brochure and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Online Registration
  • Current Rebate Claim Forms
  • Current Newsletter
  • Participating Manufacturers
  • Calendar & Deadline Information

We recommend visiting the website at least once a quarter to stay up-to-date with any new Manufacturers, Calendar, and the current Claim Forms. Any Questions? Please call or email our Program Administrators: 866-849-8400